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Having over 15 years of experience in event production, TOPSOUND specialises in stage, sound, video and lighting equipment rental.

Our professional team is set to meet any demanding requirements our customers might have. Our offer includes comprehensive services for a variety of public events such as conferences, launches, openings, performances, live concerts and tours.

Our experience, the exceptional technical equipment and logistics support we offer is all you need to ensure your event' s success.



  • Stage


    • Milos  MR2 Roof system 12x10m
    • Milos  MR2 Roof system 10x8m
    • Milos  MR2 Roof system 10x7m
    • Milos  MR2 LT Roof system 8x6m
    • Milos  M390 Truss 
    • Milos  M290 Truss 
    • Milos  MT1 Tower system
    • Milos MT05 Tower system
    • Nivtec  Staging system
  • Sound

    PA System

    • RCF  TTL33-A II Line Array
    • RCF  TTL33-A Line Array
    • RCF  TTS28-A Active subwoofer 
    • RCF  4PRO 6001A Full range active loudspeaker
    • RCF  4PRO 8001A Active subwoofer
    • RCF TT08-A Full range active loudspeaker
    • RCF TTS12-A Active subwoofer
    • L-acoustics  SB18 Subwoofer

    Monitor System

    • L-Acoustics  115XT HiQ Coaxial/biamp monitor
    • L-Acoustics  LA8 Amplified controller
    • Dynacord  AM12 Active monitor
    • Sommer  32/8 Monitoring stagebox split

    Mixing desks

    • Avid  Venue SC48 Remote Digital mixing  console
    • Midas Pro1  Digital  console
    • Soundcraft  MH2 Analog mixing console
    • Soundcraft  GB8 Analog mixing console
    • Soundcraft  FX8 Analog mixing console
    • Dynacord  PM1000-3 Powered analog mixing console

    FX & DynamicsYamaha SPX 990

    • Yamaha  SPX990
    • Lexicon  REV550 Multi FX
    • TC Electronic  D2 Delay
    • Yamaha  REV500 Reverb
    • BSS FCS 960 Stereo EQ
    • Klark Teknik  Square One Procesor dynamics


    • Shure  UR4D Wireless dual receiver
    • Shure  UR2 KSM9/SM58 Beta/SM58 Wireless microphone
    • Sennheiser  EW135/145 Wireless microphone system
    • DPA   Classic Touring Kits
    • Audio-Technica ATM350
    • Shure  SM 87 Beta Vocal condenser microphone
    • Shure  SM 58 Beta Vocal microphone
    • Shure  SM 58 Vocal microphone
    • Shure  SM 57 Instrument microphone
    • Shure  52A Beta Kick drum microphone
    • AKG  451b Condenser microphone
    • Sennheiser e614 Condenser microphone
    • Sennheiser e 600 Drum  microphone pack


    • Yamaha Tour Custom  Drum set
    • Yamaha Stage Custom   Drum set
    • Trace Elliot  AH1200 Amplifier head
    • Trace Elliot  1048H Bass cabinet
    • Crate   BX100 Combo bass amp
    • Hughes Kettner  ATTAX 200 Combo
    • Marshall   JCM2000 Guitar amplifier head
    • Marshall  JCM800 Guitar amplifier head
    • Marshall  1960A Cabinet 
  • Lighting

    Moving Lights 

    • Fine Art    Fine 440  BSW ENHA
    • Fine Art Xtreme 280 Beam
    • JB Lighting  A8 Zoom Beam-Wash
    • JB Lighting VaryScan P6 Spot
    • JB Lighting VaryColor P6 Wash
    • JB Lighting VaryScan P3 Spot
    • JB Lighting VaryLED 3*84 Wash

    Conventional lighting

    Par 64 RGB LED Par can
    Par 64 1kw PAR can
    Par 56 300w PAR can
    Spot 1kw PC spotlight
    Spot 2kw Fresnel  spotlight
    DTS 1200w Followspot
    Robert Juliat 575w Followspot
    Eurolite  2xPAR36 DMX Blinder
    Eurolite  4xPAR36 DMX Blinder

                                                                                                                                                                    DMX Control desks

    Avolites  Tiger Touch  II
    Avolites  Mobile
    Avolites Titan One
    JB   Lighting  LICON
    DasLight  DVC


  • Video


    • LED  Screen P8 SMD 24 mp
    • LED Screen P10 24 mp
    • Sanyo  PLC-XF1000 Projector 12000 ANSI
    • Mitsubishi  XD600U Projector 4500 ANSI
    • Fast-Fold  Video screen 4 x 3m front - rear
    • Panasonic  Plasma 50"
    • Kramer  switch - scaler



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